It was created with the intention of realizing a table in which base and plane are composed without continuity

The superimposition of almost 100 layers created a form ex pressing itself at the maximum both in the outer and inner surfaces of the plane. This led to the idea of realizing the last layer in crystal, in order to show the waves which are naturally created with the combination of golden and bronze finishing, evoking the image of desert dunes at the sunset.

The central inner layer can be out of opal marble or the “Azul” blue marble from Brazil, recalling a water surface in the middle of the desert (whence, the name oasis).

Materials (*)

Table: Laquered Wood Gold and Bronze

Top: Tempered Ultra-White Glass

Dimensions  (*)

W 144 cm / D 144 cm / H 74 cm

(*) Also awaiable in other materials and measurements