It is conceived in such a way to exploit the perfect tranlucency offered by the LED source and plexiglass.

But it adds something more: its particular shape allows in fact to capture the light and project it through the 40 layers of plexiglass which compose it, and also, thanks to the particular building technique, between the equal number of slits between one layer and another.

The inner surfaces capture the light emitted by the led source, channel it in the material making it into an illuminating body, but also let it escape from the slits, with a great impact and creating an intense light and great atmosphere.

This shows how the metamorfosi style expresses itself at best also with the most different materials, always creating new fascinations.


Opaline All-White Plexiglass ®


cm 22x22 H 24.

Light Source:

4 W touch dimmered Led

Lithium rechargable batteries with power adapter